RATIO is an international, multidisciplinary practice of thought leaders, planners and designers. In every project, we look first to understand each client’s character and history, using innovative design to reflect their mission, values and spirit. Our work

What Our Clients Are Saying

What Our Clients are Saying


“Their responsiveness has been outstanding. We have thrown them major curveballs; they never say ‘we cannot do that’. They say, ‘Great, we will figure it out and get it done’."

Greg Fennig, Indianapolis Power & Light Company

“There is also a commitment to building strong relationships and taking it further than just client service. They are committed to long-term relationships; this shows in their project approach."

Mark Peterson, Town of Normal, IL

“I have always found RATIO to be willing to go first to the ‘Right Answer’ and then have the capability, tenacity and realism to find the ‘Best Answer’. Both take a high level of competence, intelligence, design ingenuity and endurance."

Gus Miller, Olympia Asset Management

“RATIO has consistency in design and performance across the board. They are committed to the city of Indianapolis’ success as a vibrant urban community."

Amy Conrad Warner, IUPUI


LiveDesign defined

LiveDesign defined

Our LiveDesign method is changing the way complex architectural projects are delivered.
Raleigh FOTY